One last night “Fifty Shades of Grey” ♫

One last nightPoses by Label MotionAnne Dakun
Body: Lara by MaitreyaOnyx LeShelle
Applier for bodymesh: Maitreya Applier Hud *Medium01* by {essences} – Inka Mexicola
Skin: {Alice-Uber} by {essences} Inka Mexicola
Eyes: Charm Eyes – Moor by IkonIkon Innovia
Eyelashes: “Falsies” Eyelash by *MC* – Freya Olivieri
Hair: Honor by Lelutka – Thora Charron
Dress: [Monroe Collection] Metallic Leather Dress black by MoDANNA  at Whore Couture Fair 4 (March 1st-31st) – Lisanna Lauria
Fur: Tarot – Fur Vest by Foxes at Uber – Tyr Rozenblum
Shoes: Pleasure for Maitreya by .:KC:. Klari55a Resident
Jewelry: Odyssey-Jewelry set-Athena by [Mandala] – Kikunosuke Eel
Cigaret: Rainbox Purple by [NikotiN]Raph Dirval
Makeup: Saintly Shadow v6 by [THD] – KarolinQue Resident
Lipsticks: {Tila:Lipstick04} by {essences}Inka Mexicola
Blush: Rosy cheeks 2 by [:T:]Tuli Asturias
Bag: Nastasia Large bag black by =Zenith= – Miffyhoi Rosca
one last night3 one last night2 One last night7 One last night6 One last night1 One last night4 One last night5Tied to a sallow heart
Why does he want to bring me where he goes
Oh and to find out the reasons why
It’s enough to make you wanna try
For one last night

Ghosts and silhouettes
They take a piece of me they want it all
Oh but to wait in an empty room

With the feeling that is closing in.


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