Body Mesh, what i want? (Part 2)


Part 2: There are a lot of bodies mesh in Second Life now, and it can be difficult to choice what we need. Thanks to the generosity of Ginger Chevalier & Siddean Munro, i can show you today two news bodies mesh: The *Eve* and the Slink body mesh. All pics are taken with raw snapshot, without editing. I use the same shape for all.
Hair: Megan/Raspberry by -LaViere- – Azure Electricteeth
Skin on bodies: Alice by {Essences} at Uber – Inka Mexicola NEW!
Eyelashes: Falsies Mesh Alpha by *MC*Freya Olivieri
Eyemakeup: Saintly Shadow v3 by [THD] – KarolinQue Resident
Ears: Steking ears Season5 by [Mandala] at TMDKikunosuke Eel NEW!


Eve Collage

Creator: Ginger Chevalier
LM: *Eve* Mainstore
Name of the Body: Slim-V8.3*
Slink: You can match the body with the Slink feet & hands.
More?: Ginger Chevalier makes a blog with a lot informations about her body mesh. There are two packs: the starter and the full pack (i invite you to check the blog to have more informations about what they have). You can use the Omega Applier system with the Belleza Body for clothing and tattoo layers.
My opinionI’m happy to tell you that *Eve* is a french brand (yes i’m french ^^) and i support Ginger Chevalier because i think it’s a good idea to have many bodies mesh for choising what we want. The particularity is, in the full pack you have the mesh head 🙂 It’s a body with harmony details. 

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Slink Collage

Creator: Siddean Munro
LM: Slink Mainstore
Blog: Slink Blog
Name of the Body: Slink Body Mesh V1.4*
Slink: Of course, you can use the Slink hands & feet. If you don’t have Slink hands & feets, you need to wear the alpha “For Default SL head, hands, feets” and you will have the default hands & feet.
More?: In my pic, i used the “Slink AvEnhance Feet Female Mid”* and “Slink Avatar Enhancement Hand Casual”. You have some skins added in the pack. The same for an applier for lingerie. You have also an “hide neck join” and a dress in the pack. A lot of alpha, for mix with slinks hands, feet, or an head.
My opinion: Beautiful body mesh. There are a lot of skins designers who made appliers for this body. You can also buy the head mesh by Slink. Gorgeous idea to have the choice between wearing an head, or feet, hands etc… 
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