Goodbye ♫


Top: Suede Blazer [Damson] by Gizza – Giz Seorn NEW!!

Skirt: Colorblock Pencil Skirt [Black] by Gizza – Giz Seorn NEW!!

Hair: Sound by [e] – Elikapeka Tiramisu

Shoes: Elvi black by Just Design – Davidefre Resident

Eyeliner: Saintly Shadow 1 by [THD] – KarolinQue Resident

Lips: Grace Tan Gloss 5 Lips by Belleza  – Shyla Diggs 

Eyeliner: Makeup Black Eyeliner D by DeetaleZ– Steffi Villota

Blush: Rosy Cheeks 1 by [Tuli] – Tuli Asturias

Clutch: SatinClutch Black by *Coco* – Cocoro Lemon

Hat:  Abstract B by Lode – Chirzaka Vlodovic NEW!!

Eyelashes: 41 – Hollywood by Redgrave– Viola Leigh

Goodbye Goodbye1 Goodbye2 Goodbye4 Goodbye5 Goodbye6

Is someone listening? 

Let me tell you this story
It was that guy
First you loved, then you promised
Two of us losing control, crazy night, intense sex
Now, living, my own life
Got you out of my (mind)
Have, me wasting, too much time
Gonna leave you far behind
Then, you ran away
Are you thinking of me?
When you f*ck her?
Doubt you know you were supposed to love me
Till the day (you)
Kill me


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